How will a DUI affect my auto insurance?

Your driving record typically has a big impact on your auto insurance rate. The more negative your driving record, the higher your premium tends to be. With a DUI or DWI on your record, you should expect to see a spike in your auto insurance premiums. Some insurance companies may even refuse to insure you, but at National General Insurance, we don't punish you nearly as hard.

Why Do Insurance Rates Typically Increase After a DUI?

Because impaired driving is a risky behavior, insurance companies will often conclude that those with a DUI or DWI are at "high risk" of getting into an accident that requires some sort of payout. This is why many insurance companies will raise their rates on your premium.

Is There Still Hope?

Yes! At National General Insurance, we believe that drivers who have completed Safe Driving and Substance Abuse Therapy programs have learned to be safer drivers and deserve a second chance. That's why we offer affordable auto coverage for first time DUI offenders.

What's an SR-22/FR-44?

As SR-22/FR-44 is proof you have the proper amount of auto insurance required by the state. Often-times, you will need this form in order to reinstate your suspended or revoked license. When you choose National General Insurance, our experts will file this on your behalf, so you won't have to worry.

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