What are the Total Costs of a DUI?

DUIs can get expensive very quickly. Although the exact price of a DUI/DWI will vary by state and situation, the average estimated cost of a first-time DUI is about $10,000. This number includes the following financial costs:

  • Bail
  • Court Costs
  • Probation & Legal Fees
  • DUI Education Programs
  • Drug and Alochol Counseling
  • License Reinstatement Fees
  • Towing or Impounding Costs
  • Increased Auto Insurance Rates
  • SR-22 Filing Fees
  • Loss-of-work Income

Ways to Avoid a Second DUI

Financial costs of a DUI/DWI are only part of the picture. DUI offenders may also face:

  • Jail Time
  • Lost Employment
  • Community
  • Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device
  • Driver's License Restrictions and/or Suspensions

Clearly, driving under the influence isn't worth it when you consider all the costs involved with the aftermath of a DUI. That's why National General Insurance encourages all of our drivers to plan for alternative forms of transportation when drinking or impaired.

Drive Safe, Drive Sober

  • If you've been drinking or doing drugs, call a cab or rideshare service to take you home.
  • Ask a sober friend to drive you home from a party or bar.
  • If you cannot find a sober driver, ask a party host if you can stay overnight.

Already Dealing with a DUI Conviction?

Once convicted of a DUI/DWI, some auto insurance companies will refuse you coverage completely. That's where National General Insurance can help. Please call 1-800-325-1088 for a free, DUI/DWI auto insurance quote.

What are the Total Costs of a DUI?
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Save on the DUI Benefits You Deserve
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